Business Administration | Entrepreneurial Thinking

    Business Administration Entrepreneurial Thinking

    Betriebswirtschaftliche Grundlagen

    • Entrepreneurial basic understanding/objectives of business thinking
    • Economic correlations in a company
    • Basic concepts of business administration, such as revenue, profit,depreciation, personnel costs, etc.
    • Cost terms and basics of modern cost accounting, calculations
    • Internal calculations e.g. margin calculations, break-even-point analyses)
    • Elements of the income statement (P&L) and balance sheet
    • International English/American abbreviations (EBIT, EBITDA, etc.)
    • Getting familiar with key figures (KPIs) and terms of selected companies

    Betriebswirtschaftliches Aufbautraining

    • New balance sheet and company key figures, e.g. Shareholder value oriented key figures (EBIT, EVA, MVA, etc.)
    • Strategic and Operational Controlling Instruments
    • Target Costing
    • Process cost calculation
    • Setting up a business plan
    • ROI calculations
    • Tools for calculating business cases/ROI analyses to support investment / Capex decisions
    • Statements of investments
    • Budget preparation

    BWL Stellschrauben identifizieren

    • Basics and advanced training of Business Administration as prerequisites for participating
    • Ideally suited as a reflection/repetition of what has been learned so far
    • Identification of own “adjusting screws“, value drivers and relevant influences
    • Development in several group works
    • A larger business case invites you to test your acquired knowledge and compare it with best practice
    • In addition to securing transfers into practice, it is particularly suitable for the exchange of experience between participants

    BWL Strategie-Framework

    • Classify consulting and controlling tools into a strategic framework
    • Overview of various theoretical strategy models (Drucker, Porter, Malik, McKinsey, HBR)
    • Elements of a Strategic Framework System (Harvard Business Review – HBR)
      • Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
      • Strategic Analysis – SWOT Analysis / 5 Forces
      • 5 Fields of Action of a Strategy
      • Tactical Implementation
    • Group work and business cases for joint discussion and application

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