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    Which topics or trainings do you need exactly for your further education?
    Here you will find an overview of our topics for your further education or for your company. Professionalize yourself or your personnel development or the organizational development of your team. Use it for changing management of a team or for a single training for further education.

    Training for further training with a tailor-made approach

    Your training for further education should lead to a tailor-made and effective solution? We are happy to develop tailor-made ideas for you with our consultants. This can be an individual leadership development, a Master Class program for your (junior) managers or a specific interval sales training.

    From the theme selection to the design selection

    The above selection of topics is only one aspect – just as important is the design and form of support. Should it be a classroom seminar? Are online elements of blended learning important for preparing and “picking up” participants?

    For high sustainability, we recommend building training elements with an interval design. How long should a learning unit last: one, two, or three days? What are the optimal distances between individual learning units? On the one hand, the distances should not be long (“forgetting curve“). On the other hand, not too short, because otherwise too little reflection and application of what has been learned can take place (“transfer check“). What is the best way to involve managers and employees in training courses for further training? What is the point of ensuring sustainable implementation in the long term?

    Coaching or planning as an alternative or supplement?

    Many managers do not want or cannot investthe time to participate in a seminar or training for further education. In business coaching, selected managers are “supplied” individually and efficiently. In content-oriented business coaching, a high level of management involvement is achieved with minimal time (often only 2 x 4 hours).

    Applying the gamification trend, more and more companies and managers are open to new forms of learning & development activities. A business game with clearly defined content ensures a broadly accepted learning diversity and a high level of acceptance.