International Day of Gaming and Simulation Nov. 15th 2019 Frankfurt am Main

    International Day of Simulation and Gaming

    Our business games from SCHLATTER are efficient and effective. You will achieve learning goals quickly and in time – and enjoy learning with fun. In the trend of digitization 4.0 are terms like Gamification, Serious Games and much more – we like to call these Business Games.

    Experience 2 business games in 1 day!

    Play two of our most successful business games live in one day:

    • half a day the entrepreneurial Business Administration game EasySim© (board based simulation)
    • and half a day the team and leadership game TeamLab© (Interlab PC simulation)

    Will You join us in Frankfurt on November 15th 2019? As these are live playing groups: Get one of the limited free seats in time.

    1.) Team and Leadership Game TeamLab©

    Take your employees and teams into the endless expanses of space… we are writing the year 2019… there is much to discover about team communication and leadership.

    Communication Laboratory
    Communication-oriented space simulator, spaceships flying in competition

    Pilot-proven “gamification” for playful testing of effective communication

    Leadership business game
    Experience and test the tour live – “Leadership BEFORE the team” & “Leadership WITHIN the team”

    Team business game
    Team building / team diagnostics and effective team performance

    2. Business Administration Game EasySim©

    We make entrepreneurial decisions “touchable” in the haptic board based simulation game. EasySim© planning games focus on business processes and decisions. This allows the participant to better understand business contexts in the game and during transfer to practice.

    Relevant company key figures (KPIs) are analyzed and then we will focus the Profit and Loss Account (P&L / Income Statement). In the end, we discuss together how and where the individual elements are included in the balance sheet.

    Intensify Your Business Administration knowledge
    Existing knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet and costs are made tangible in their literal sense of the word.

    Game + Reflection
    Reflections in the team, at the team presentations in the plenary and with the business administration trainer offer an intensive learning design

    Experience entrepreneurial leadership
    Make decisions under time pressure, with partially existing information and under risk

    Teams in competition
    Teams compete in multiple rounds (“quarters”/”months”)

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