Business Game TeamLab© Communication Laboratory

    What is TeamLab© ?

    Take your employees and teams into the endless expanses of space… we are writing the year 2019… there is much to discover about team communication and leadership.

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    Communication Laboratory
    Communication-oriented space simulator, spaceships flying in competition

    Playful learning
    Pilot-proven “gamification” for playful testing of effective communication

    Leadership business game
    Experience and test the tour live – “Leadership BEFORE the team” & “Leadership WITHIN the team”

    Team business game
    Team building / team diagnostics and effective team performance

    How does TeamLab© work?

    A maximum of 4 teams (spaceships) with 3-5 people each fly in competition exciting and sometimes complex space missions. After instructional videos and technical briefings, everyone prepares perfectly for space flight… and yet the unpredictable happens.

    Optimize behavior
    Behaviour/behavioural changes are shown directly in the results

    Game + Reflection
    Game rounds, reflections and discussions to optimize a varied learning design

    Experience leadership
    Make decisions under time pressure, distributed knowledge and risk in real-time simulation

    Teams in competition
    Teams compete in multiple game rounds and captivating scenarios

    Business Games Training manufactory: tailor-made training helps!

    What happens at TeamLab© ?

    In thrilling real-time spaceflights, every second of attention is required… later in the debriefing is time to reflect and learn new aspects. Company-specific elements (e.g. management/team attributes) are integrated and the participants are encouraged to transfer to their professional practice.

    Business Games Training manufactory: tailor-made training helps!

    Measurable results
    Results orientation, capacity, communication, coordination, situational attention, conscientiousness

    Playful learning experience
    Repeatable scenarios and sequences allow playful lab testing

    Leadership feedback
    Feedback from the team, the observation coach and the game system

    Team + Change
    Experience team phases (Tuckman) and changes live in the team

    What can be achieved with TeamLab© ?

    In addition to high situational attention and agility, complex projects are also planned and strategically managed in the team. All in all, the participants experience a learning-intensive and emotional time with high practical transfer and sustainability.

    Analysis + Self-Reflection
    Behaviour alimony under pressure, influence of stress on performance, net communication

    Sustainably anchoring
    Findings and learning goals are anchored holistically and brain-oriented (“left/right-brain”)

    Leadership competences
    Decision-making ability, leadership in difficult situations / under uncertainty and risk

    Discover synergies in a team, develop trust, deal with different personality types

    Business Games Training manufactory: tailor-made training helps!