Business Administration Game EasySim©

    What is EasySim© ?

    How can I make entrepreneurial decisions “touchable” ?

    The board-based business game of EasySim© focus on business processes and decisions in order to better learn business interdependencies.

    For this purpose, the relevant company key performance indicators (KPIs), the profit and loss account (P&L/Income Statement) as well as the balance sheet are analyzed together.

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    Haptic board based simulation
    With casino chips, “decisions” are made on a 60 x 90 cm game board

    Playful learning
    Proven “gamification” for playful learning of entrepreneurial correlations

    P&L and Balance Sheet Ratios
    Understanding business figures and understanding the effects of business decisions for the “quarterly results”

    Team Business Game
    Teambuilding and joint team effort in entrepreneurial competition with other teams

    How does EasySim© work?

    A maximum of 4 teams (companies) with 3-5 persons each make entrepreneurial decisions in competition with the other teams in several game rounds. The starting situation is the same for everyone… but the results are usually not!

    Intensify Your Business Administration Knowledge
    Existing knowledge of P&L, balance sheet and costs are made “tangible” – in the truest sense of the word.

    Game + Reflection
    Reflections in the team, at the team presentations in the plenary and with the business administration trainer offer an intensive learning design

    Experience Entrepreneurial Leadership
    Make decisions under time pressure, with partially existing information and under risk

    Teams in Competition
    Teams compete in multiple rounds (“quarters”/”months”)

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    What happens at EasySim© ?

    Normally 4 game rounds (depending on the setup either “months” or “quarters”) are played, in which a series of business transactions lead to “bookings” on the board and in the books.

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    Impact for Profit and Loss
    Every transaction leads to a real-life profit or loss. This illustrates the drivers and effects on the balance sheet and P&L

    Playful learning experience
    The level of individual decisions increase each game round: from correct account booking to more entrepreneurial decisions.

    Balancing of accounts
    Despite of playful decisions, the balance sheet at the end of the game must be balanced… but what if there is a mistake?

    What is EasySim© ?

    The participants experience an intensive deepening of cognitive business administration knowledge. Many participants report that through EasySim they really understood the difference and the impact between balance sheet and P&L

    Entrepreneurial Thinking
    Entrepreneurship and “Entrepreneurs in the Enterprise” are promoted.

    Individually customizable
    High individualization possible: logos, product/ customer names and typical business transactions

    Industry Versions
    EasySim© Industry
    EasySim© Service / Consulting / IT
    EasySim© Trading
    EasySim© Energy
    EasySim© System Gastronomy & Franchising
    EasySim© Pharmacy
    – EasySim© Pharmaceutical Industry
    EasySim© Tourism

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